Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Spread the Wealth"

So... Let me get this straight... Barack Obama wants to "Spread the Wealth". Small businessman Joe Wurzelbacher asked the Illinois senator how his business would fair under his tax plan. He asked the Senator that since a business he wants to buy makes upwards of $260,000.00 a year would he be taxed more? "Do you believe in the American Dream" he asked the senator. Obama replied that although he doesn't want to punish Joe for being successful, there are people "behind" him that can use some help, so he just wants to "spread the wealth". That is an EXACT quote, not something the media made up, not just a gaffe, but Barack Obama's belief that in order for this country to succeed, we should "spread the wealth". One prominent leader has used this term in the past, his name was Joeseph Stalin! We all know what happened in Russia as a result. Do we really want bread lines and government control of EVERY ASPECT of our lives? Have we really become so dependent on the government that we need mommy to pick us up when we have a boo boo. You may think this is just an off color comment, but this is what this guy believes. It's also what Nancy Pelosi believes and yes, Harry Reid too... Think about THAT when you go to the polls. Think about this too. For the first six years of the Bush (hated regime) administration, our economy did gangbusters. After the democrats took over in congress by demonizing a war that they voted for, the economy started to show signs (especially in the housing market) of slowing down. The BUSH administration called for stricter controls on an already out of control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the beloved Barney Frank and Chris Dodd blocked all attempts at tightening regulations because they feared it would interfere with their socialist housing plan to get EVERYONE in America owning a home. Here we are two years later and in that time (actually only the last 15 months) we have lost $15 TRILLION in wealth in this country. Say what you will about Bush and the overspending he did on the war, I'll give you that. The republicans in congress at least TRIED to get something done... You see, in 2006, John McCain joined another republican senator to try to get Fannie and Freddie regulated again, to no avail because of Frank and Dodd. Think before you vote people. REALLY! Keep this in mind when you vote... Those who vote decide nothing, those who count them do". That's another Stalin quote. Think about those ACORN people... Think they know a think or two about the vote counters? Maybe that's why they are trying to overwhelm the various county clerks offices throughout the country.

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