Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Polls don't matter? Or do they?

The main stream media has completely ignored the poll released today from AP that shows this race as a dead heat. Obama 44 McCain 43 with a 8+- margin of error. So Obama could be leading by 9 or trailing by 7, depending on who's looking. Why do they ignore this? Can't let anything tarnish the shine on the golden boy ,or they might not be able to make the self fulfilling prophecy of him as the next President actually happen. They are SO transparent in their ogling of Obama it's pitiful. It's been giong on since Clinton was running in the primaries. I don't really know why they have SO fallen in love with this guy, but not too long after the election, I see his true colors being shown and the MSM (read; leftis media elite) having to finally say something bad about the chosen one. I honestly hope that people can see through this and on November 4th, make the rational choice for President, John McCain.

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