Saturday, October 4, 2008

Repost from Aaron in New York

Author: Aaron

Yesterday at 47th and 2nd avenue in New York City I attended the “Stop a Nuclear Iran” rally. It was a rally of mixed emotions, I was hyped to exercise my 1st amendment right, but left the rally with words of hate from anti-free speech Barack Obama supporters. At the rally I sported my new, “McCain-Palin” t-shirt and was accompanied by my friend holding the now infamous “Palin Call Me Sign” (yes the same kid who was in the New York Times and on Politico, I by the way am behind the green pole giving an interview, you can see my jeans). As the rally pursued more and more left wing anti first amendment right freaks began to shout at me, telling me to take off my shirt, saying I had no right to wear my t-shirt.

I’m sorry you left wing liberal nut jobs but I do believe in the constitution and I hope you do as well. The constant complaint I received was that it was not a political rally, and I should not be supporting a political candidate. The truth is I semi-agree with that statement, however as soon as the partisan democrats called up the rally organizers and asked for Governor Palin to be uninvited, it became a political rally. Where else in time was a potential Vice President, uninvited from speaking at a supposed “non- partisan rally”. It has never happened before, if Barack Obama or Joe Biden chose to speak, do you think John McCain would have been on the phone saying he shouldn’t be allowed too? Of course not, John McCain believes in free speech and Sarah Palin actually accepted the invite!

These anti American tactics that the Obama bin Biden campaign and their followers pull is just preposterous. These people say they believe in human rights and free speech yet they do everything they can from having the other side express their opinions. Barack Obama set a terrible example to his cult by calling for the removal of governor Palin from the rally.

The more and more I think about Barack Obama supporters, the more I think that they are just cult freaks. Doesn’t he understand that his cult followers will do anything he does, speak anything he speaks, harass anyone he harasses?

Luckily the rally in front of the UN yesterday was a major success. There was more media attention than usual and more people than usual. It is always great to rally for something you believe in, no matter what it is. As I stood in the crowd with my “McCain-Palin” shirt and McCain sign I felt a sense of pride. I wasn’t the only one either, hundreds of McCain posters fluttered throughout east 47th street, promoting the only candidate that will actually keep America and its allies safe when it comes to Iran.

It was strange that I saw no Barack Obama signs, but I guess that was a given, since Barack Obama didn’t want to show, obviously his cult followers were going to sit this one out as well.

I just had to repost this when I saw it... It's unbelievable how the left behaves.

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