Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tea Party in Sacramento...

Like minded conservatives are meeting at the capitol steps in Sacramento Friday, February 27th as part of a national Tea Party, inspired by Rick Santelli and his call-out of the Obama administration and the details of the so-called "bailout" plans. The new pork(stim)ulous package has a new name, courtesy of Mike Huckabee - we now call the package C.R.A.P. or the "Congressional Relief Action Program". That's right, Mike calls it what it really is, a program to help congressional Democrats get votes in the next election. It does NOT help Americans (except for that wonderful $13.00 a week tax break, if you want to call it that). It does NOT help small business, instead O's new plan calls for new taxes on small business, disguised as a tax increase on the rich (those making $250,000.00 or more a year). I know many small business owners and you'd be hard pressed to find a successful small business owner who makes less than 250k. So what does this mean? These small businesses will have to fire people to make up for the losses. While they have businesses that make over 250k, these same folks have families to support, and that's another knock from the left, the marriage penalty will most assuredly return! But hey, Obama's special and smart and a superstar, so I had better quit questioning his motives.... they know where I live!

Here's the sign I'll be taking with me to Sacramento tomorrow. If you are in Northern California and you are more than a little upset with all the C.R.A.P. being force fed to us by congress, join us at noon on Friday!

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